Foreign Trade Opportunities.

Production, exports, imports. Today's dynamic, globalized world facilitates access to new markets presenting your business with limitless commercial opportunity and continuously engendering positive results. In this new scenario it is essential to have partners capable of pointing you in the right direction based on your individual goals and needs.


  • Commercial
    We source high quality suppliers for your business abroad. We provide Brazilian companies with new business opportunities by introducing them to new markets and managing their import/export activities.
  • Business and Operational
    Our highly qualified team identifies comprehensive solutions for the needs and demands of your diverse operations.
  • Logistics
    We identify the best transportation and routing options, hire appropriate and cost effective international freight partners. We also provide consistent client updates tracking and monitoring deliveries all the way to final destination.
  • Financial
    Our "Trade Finance" service provides in-house financing and financial planning support, securing partnerships with both national and international banks.
  • Tax
    We provide total support with import/export documentation and procedures including assistance with tax filings and counsel for legal and legislative matters.

  • Lower import costs for the states of Alagoas and Santa Catarina;
  • Integrated logistics;
  • Lower import working capital requirements;
  • Strategically placed to service import/export activities throughout Brazil;
  • Door-to-door;
  • Competitive commercial terms;
  • We have all certifications & licenses required for import/export of specific products – including accreditation from Anvisa (the National Health and Sanitary Control Agency), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and the Army.

  • Import Customs Clearance Agents/Services
  • Special Order Deliveries
  • Distribution